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Private and semi-Private Horse Riding lessons and Hacks

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The Horses

Blaze is our largest horse who seems to love jumping. He is more forward than the other horses and is suitable for more than experienced riders

Billy is our 13.3hh cob that is great for children that are a bit more advanced. He loves jumping


Buster has come back to us after a little break. If is very sweet and steady but still enjoys a jump.

Chester is a larger pony  suitable for teenagers and adults learning to ride. Is her very gentle and steady.

Cracker is our little 12.2hh chestnut pony. He is ideal for the younger children as he is very good on the lunge, He enjoys some jumping and is a good allrounder.


Dora is a little black beauty. She is great for children learning especially those still on lead rein.


Patch is also 13.3hh but enjoys a steadier lesson. He is great for children who are more nervous wanting to gain their confidence. He also loves going on hacks.

Billy Patch Blaze Chester Buster Buster Dora